Premier risk-driven analysis

risk committee meeting room

Our analysis is overseen by some of the leading members of the risk community

Our analysts

Our analysts are some of the most experienced, technically-proficient, risk managers in the industry. They all have had direct responsibility for managing the risk environments of some of the largest, global, blue-chip organisations.

Working in tandem with our AI algorithms our analysts review the relevant content that has been surfaced to seek out only the most pertinent insight for each case at hand. We estimate that the same level of analysis would take a full-time staff member as much as a one week’s effort to produce. Don’t believe us? You can examine the depth and breadth covered within an example case study here.

Lessons learnt, control environment and root cause analysis

Scrutinising real-life cyber security events provides crucial insights as to how to improve your information security posture before, during and after an event. Our case studies will enable you to:

  • Discover new threats/risks to add to your risk assessment
  • Discover new controls your information security team have overlooked or comprehend those they are yet to implement
  • Improve your incident response planning by understanding the lessons learnt from what the key players did well and what they need to do better the next time
  • Disrupt conventional thinking to ensure better assessments, plans and decisions