Consulting and training services

cyber security training session

We have unique insights into the challenges faced and strategies implemented by organisations countering today's cyber security threats

Training programmes

Lessons Learnt Training

Leveraging the knowledge and insights gained from our case study research we build customisable online and in-person training programmes aimed at sense-checking conventional wisdom to better equip individuals before, during and after a cyber security incident.

Consultant services

Cyber Incident Response Plan

Helping to ensure our clients are as prepared as possible when a cyber security event occurs. We use the insights gleaned from our case study data to help organisations create their plan from scratch or to review their existing plans to cover all the bases. Knowing what to do and how and when to do it will restore business to normal operations far quicker and will preserve your customers faith when faced with a cyber security event.

Cyber Threat Scenario Analysis

Assisting our clients to consider future possible events by using our data of real-world events to build feasible scenarios and explore possible impacts to their organisations of the multitudinous forms that a cyber security incident can take.

Board Advisory Services

Empowering our client’s executive management in decision-making across all aspects of cyber security. We leverage the insights gained from our case studies and perform deeper dives into our data to understand more about the operational considerations that specific strategic approaches may require. For instance what are the adequate resources for the information security team for this new approach? Are you considering moving towards a cloud-based operating environment? Let’s take a look at instances where that approach has caused cyber security headaches. And when a cyber security incident does occur how best should the specific type of incident be handled when interacting with stakeholders?

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